Reared in the post-apocalyptic fires of Northern Kentucky, Jeffery X Martin blasted his way through the border guard in late 1988. After many a road skirmish and a short interlude helping to protect a fuel tanker with a small mute child, he ended up in a Deep South Safe Zone, where he has lived for decades. When he is not writing stories or contacting the Elder Gods, X is the Keeper of the Time Portal and Guardian of the Eternal Flame, Sanctuary 7, Fourth Level, DSSZ 37912.

He is married to Hannah Lunsford, who is known in the Underground by the code name, “Cootiebug.” There is no X without Cootie. She is the driving force, guiding hand and strong support that makes all this madness possible. ¬†They live with the children they rescued from the Cyber-Nannies before the Krelm Dissolution brought forth the Prangborn Ascension and Reupholstery. ¬†Rhiannon and Bishop, both fully trained in physical and psychic combat are currently infiltrating the infrastructure, awaiting the day when they shall build sleeper cells of their own.