Book books.

Hello, Loyal Fanbase!

I have to admit I was surprised at how many people wrote me and said, “Dude, congratulations on the book and everything, but when are you putting out a real copy?”

I would think, “What do you mean, a real copy? Isn’t this the future now? Print is dead, right? I’ve published electronically! For your electronical book reading devices!”

“Yeah, and that’s fine,” they said, “but we kinda want a book book.”


All you alarmists who worried that libraries would close because of the advent of the Internet can relax now. Apparently, people still want book books.

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Elders Keep: The First Official Press Release


Multimedia Horror Project, “Elders Keep,” Launches January 2013

Author Jeffery X Martin, in conjunction with Sanctuary 7 Studios, is pleased to announce the launch of “Elders Keep,” a combination of horror fiction and art represented in both digital and physical formats.

“Every author creates their own universe,” says Martin. “The Elders Keep project allows me to create a giant tapestry of horror stories, all woven together, but to invite others into that universe and have them provide more depth to this place, just waiting for delightfully dark imaginations to come and play.”

The Elders Keep Project officially begins in January 2013. Martin will release a new short story every month in electronic format, leading up to the release of the first full length Elders Keep book, an anthology of holiday stories called, “Black Friday.”

“The short stories will provide background about the town and introduce some of the characters readers will run into in the anthology,” Martin said. “Everything will eventually loop in on everything else. Characters that seem unrelated will end up interacting. Events that happen in one story will have grave effects in another.”

Other art forms will play an important part in the Elders Keep Project. “I’m looking forward to working with some of my visual artists, like Matthew Spicer and Patrick Clarke,” Martin said.  “There are some other people I’m in the process of bringing into the fold. We’re even talking to Bluetrane Productions in Los Angeles about possibly doing some film.”

While the Elders Keep Project is expansive in scope, Martin is keeping his eye on the prize. “I’ve been writing horror stories since I was in fourth grade,” he says. “I think people are defined by what frightens them and the horror genre allows us to make those delineations safely. Above everything, the entire point of Elders Keep is to scare the hell out of as many people as possible.”

The first Tale from the Keep, “Swearing In,” will be released for Kindle and Nook in January, 2013. For up-to-date information, follow the Elders Keep Project on Twitter: @EldersKeep.

Sanctuary 7 Studios is an upstart producer of strange objects and bad ideas based in Knoxville, TN.


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