The Jitters

7:29 PM

I’m introducing my wife to the ghostly glory that is Mike Mendez’s “The Gravedancers.” She’s painting the next in her series of modern demon skulls. We’re a few drinks in. It’s Monday. This is to be expected.

We’ve both had shit days. I’ve been dealing with Federal programs (how do people abuse or “work” the system when I can’t even fucking get into it?) all day, and swallowing my rage at bureaucracy gone mad. Hannah, as she often does, has spent her work day fixing mistakes that others have made, mistakes that shouldn’t have been made to begin with. She should know. She wrote the training manual, and she’s not even a real employee! She’s been a temp with the same company for almost three years.

So, why not? A great ghost story (hmmm… do I follow this up with “Poltergeist” or “The Fog?”), some delicious ice cold vodka and artistic pursuits. All of this to help us forget about our shitty Mondays… and, for me, the fact that my ginormous new Projekt, the one I will probably spend the rest of my life working on, launches tomorrow.

It’s 7:51 PM. Let the jitters begin.

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A Review Is In!

I am pleased to share this with you, Loyal Fanbase. Doctor Hob has both read and reviewed Tarotsphere. He liked it! Positive reviews are always a good thing, and this review was especially satisfying for me, being somewhat of a curmudgeon myself. If you haven’t availed yourself of this book yet, perhaps this will help sway you. A thanks to Doctor Hob for the kind words.