I Cannot Keep My Own Secrets.

I am really shitty at being my own publicist. When I come up with a new project that I’m ready to release, I want to get it out there now, now, now. I don’t want to wait. I devise my own street dates and they become my enemies. I irritate myself.

It’s not braggadocio. It’s a child-like over-exuberant personality. This is my new shiny thing. I’d like to show it to you.

So, let’s see who really reads this blog. I’m going to tell you a secret.

I’m starting a new podcast. Yes, this makes three. One that I am a constant guest on, and two that I host and produce myself. It really doesn’t take that much time. As my patroness saint, Amanda Fucking Palmer, says, “Stop pretending art is hard.”

There is an art to a good podcast.
It’s not hard. It just takes a little time, is all.

The podcast I introduced this year, The Six and a Half Feet Under Podcast, has been reaching really high numbers. I attribute this to two things: it only comes out once a month, which makes it more of a “prestige” podcast, and people perceive it as a “serious” podcast. It is that; we go into a lot of issues that most podcasts shy away from. I give no fucks; I’ll talk about anything.

If you’ve read my fiction, you already know that. I ain’t skeered.

While the Six Point Five is still going strong, I decided to go ahead and bring out a new podcast, sort of a dream project of mine.

Logo FinalThe show is called “Kiss the Goat” and it is all about those crazy Devil movies that saw their heyday in the late Sixties and early Seventies, but which had new life breathed into them by the Italian market during the Eighties. Possession, exorcism, crazy nuns, badly dressed cult members… we’ll get to all of that eventually on “Kiss the Goat.”

Go ahead and join the Facebook group. Just do a Facebook search for “Kiss the Goat” and you’ll find us easily enough. The first episode drops on August 1.

I’m extremely pleased and proud of this because my co-host is my wife. This is a project we get to work on together. Refining, writing, choosing which piece of garbage to review next: we get to do that all as a couple. We already like each other. Hopefully that chemistry comes across during the show.

Also, Cootie has a sweet voice and the sort of openness you don’t often find on podcasts. She’s something else.

I hope it’s something you dig. All of these things — the podcasts, the stories, the blog itself — are all things designed to entertain you, the audience, my loyal Heathens. Aw, hell… they’re fun for me, too. I’ll quit doing it when you quit reacting.

Come to Hell with us, won’t you? It won’t take long and you just might have a good time. 

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