I’ve Been Everywhere, Man — The Weekly Roundup

It’s been a busy week for me, Heathens, which is far better than being not busy. Idle hands may be the Devil’s workshop, but I’ve spent most of my time running my mouth. Let me show where you can find me this week on the world wide web of internets.

Cinema Beef Jeff_WillisFirst of all, you can check out an interview with me by Grumpyhawk and Benjamin Combs. We talk about the book, “Short Stories About You,” which you really should buy if you haven’t yet.

Then you can hear me rant and rave and use terrible language on the Cinema Beef Podcast with host Gary Hill and his other guest, Wildman Willis Wheeler. I had a lot of fun with this one, because I got to defend one of my favorite John Carpenter movies, “Prince of Darkness,” and brutally attack a movie I have never liked, “The Neverending Story.” I love to talk about movies and Gary just let me run riot, which I appreciated. Maybe not for sensitive listeners, but if you were that sensitive, you wouldn’t be reading my stuff.

Hey! I’ve still got three books for sale and there’s plenty of word of mouth for you to spread about those. Pick one up or help a brother out, won’t you? As always, I appreciate it greatly and I thank each and every one of you who has dropped dime on any of my stories or spent your time reading my horrible words. You’re the best.

Have a good weekend!

Don’t fuck around with vampires from Harlan County.

midnightcoverIt feels good when I can bring a book to your attention that I can highly recommend. It’s also good when it is a book I didn’t write.

I’m sure that’s a relief for you, too.

The book is called “Midnight” by Mari Adkins. I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book at various stages during its creation. Mari has been working on it for a while now; believe me when I say this book is a labor of love for her. “Midnight” has just come out from Apex Publishing. It looks gorgeous, and knowing what’s inside, waiting for the reader (especially if you’re a vampire fan), you’re not going to be able to get your hands on this book fast enough.

It’s all about bad-ass bloodsuckers from Harlan County, Kentucky. Harlan County has a bit of a reputation, don’t you know, for being a rough area of the country. And it is country, to be sure. It’s also about family, and the lack of it, with some good insight into the (in)human condition.

Worth your time and money? Absolutely it is. Get your fang on and give “Midnight” a go.



Kindle friendly unit shifters.

Heathens, the new book is moving really fast, and I have no one to thank for that but you. Y’all just jumped on “Short Stories About You” and embraced it, in all of its second person weirdness. That lets me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I knew it was a strange project while I was writing it. Releasing it right after a conventional short story collection was a risk. But again, you came through, and I cannot express my appreciation for that enough.

There’s even been a boost in the back catalog! Folks who missed “Black Friday” when it came out last November are picking it up now. That’s really pleasing to me. There’s some good stuff in that book, and it all takes place in the town where I’ll be setting my next book.
Keep spreading the word! I want as many people as possible to read these brutal little tales. And if you haven’t left a review on Amazon for the book, please do. It seems like a little thing, but it helps SO MUCH.

Y’all are the best.
I’ll holler at you again soon.


Tarotsphere has some pretty long legs!

When we published it last October, I figured it would pick up some sales just because of Halloween. I was wrong. People are still buying the book and, from all available accounts, still enjoying it!

It’s not an easy book to market. Hell, it’s not an easy book to explain. How often do you find funny books dealing directly with non-Judeo-Christian methods of divination, employed by practitioners of different belief systems all over the world? People don’t automatically associate anything involving the “Death” card with pieces of fried comedy gold.

The concept is catching on, though, and so is Tarotsphere.

If you’ve already bought the book, please accept my sincere thanks. Spread the word! We could all use a little laugh these days.

To help keep the momentum going, we’ve got a little surprise headed your way soon. It will be something you can use to spread your Tarotsphere love to all your friends. And why not? Spreading love is a good thing.

Wishing you good throws always,


The Jitters

7:29 PM

I’m introducing my wife to the ghostly glory that is Mike Mendez’s “The Gravedancers.” She’s painting the next in her series of modern demon skulls. We’re a few drinks in. It’s Monday. This is to be expected.

We’ve both had shit days. I’ve been dealing with Federal programs (how do people abuse or “work” the system when I can’t even fucking get into it?) all day, and swallowing my rage at bureaucracy gone mad. Hannah, as she often does, has spent her work day fixing mistakes that others have made, mistakes that shouldn’t have been made to begin with. She should know. She wrote the training manual, and she’s not even a real employee! She’s been a temp with the same company for almost three years.

So, why not? A great ghost story (hmmm… do I follow this up with “Poltergeist” or “The Fog?”), some delicious ice cold vodka and artistic pursuits. All of this to help us forget about our shitty Mondays… and, for me, the fact that my ginormous new Projekt, the one I will probably spend the rest of my life working on, launches tomorrow.

It’s 7:51 PM. Let the jitters begin.

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