Don’t fuck around with vampires from Harlan County.

midnightcoverIt feels good when I can bring a book to your attention that I can highly recommend. It’s also good when it is a book I didn’t write.

I’m sure that’s a relief for you, too.

The book is called “Midnight” by Mari Adkins. I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book at various stages during its creation. Mari has been working on it for a while now; believe me when I say this book is a labor of love for her. “Midnight” has just come out from Apex Publishing. It looks gorgeous, and knowing what’s inside, waiting for the reader (especially if you’re a vampire fan), you’re not going to be able to get your hands on this book fast enough.

It’s all about bad-ass bloodsuckers from Harlan County, Kentucky. Harlan County has a bit of a reputation, don’t you know, for being a rough area of the country. And it is country, to be sure. It’s also about family, and the lack of it, with some good insight into the (in)human condition.

Worth your time and money? Absolutely it is. Get your fang on and give “Midnight” a go.



This review blew my mind.

If you haven’t bought “Short Stories About You” yet, that’s fine. You’re probably tired of me talking about it.

You’re on the wrong website, if that’s the case.

But if you won’t take my word for it, perhaps you’ll take John Castle’s. Here is his review of “Short Stories About You.”



I was stuck at work when it became apparent that my son was moving in with us, more quickly than he or we had anticipated. My wife went to get him and bring him home.

The Adventures of Cootie & X: Life Without GPS

It was 7 pm on a Friday. The sun was making its slow decent in the western sky. I lowered my visor and squinted at traffic. The air conditioning blasted its protest over the June heat and the man-child sniffled quietly in the seat beside me as his hometown slowly faded into the distance behind us. For a moment, I remembered him as a small child hiding behind his father.  Now his tears were falling from a face hidden behind long hair; the last vestige of the childhood of a boy trying so hard to become a strong man.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” I asked him, “Knowing that your entire life will fit into one car.”

He laughed, a little bitterly. “Yeah.” he said, “Yeah, it is.”

I squeezed his hand reassuringly and we drove for a while without speaking.

Later, he asked “Will you cut my hair?”

I smiled…

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Kindle friendly unit shifters.

Heathens, the new book is moving really fast, and I have no one to thank for that but you. Y’all just jumped on “Short Stories About You” and embraced it, in all of its second person weirdness. That lets me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I knew it was a strange project while I was writing it. Releasing it right after a conventional short story collection was a risk. But again, you came through, and I cannot express my appreciation for that enough.

There’s even been a boost in the back catalog! Folks who missed “Black Friday” when it came out last November are picking it up now. That’s really pleasing to me. There’s some good stuff in that book, and it all takes place in the town where I’ll be setting my next book.
Keep spreading the word! I want as many people as possible to read these brutal little tales. And if you haven’t left a review on Amazon for the book, please do. It seems like a little thing, but it helps SO MUCH.

Y’all are the best.
I’ll holler at you again soon.


Catching up is better than throwing up.

Let’s play a little catch-up. I haven’t posted on WordPress in over a year. It’s been a busy few months. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook, talking to people. Maybe that makes me a WordPress traitor. It’s fun, dammit, and I will continue to do it. But for every person who likes Facebook, there are two who don’t. That’s a lot of people I don’t get to talk to.

I’m a social person, Heathens. I like to talk.
So let’s talk.


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