Following the sound of my voice.

If you don’t know what I sound like, and are curious about such things, may I suggest listening to me on a podcast? I have my own, and I appear as a guest on other shows fairly frequently.

My own podcast is called The Six and a Half Feet Under Podcast, and it is a fairly level-headed and intelligent show about genre film. I’ve been lucky enough to book some great guests (Matthew Monagle from Paracinema Magazine and film director JT Petty, just to namedrop and feed my own ego), and the conversations have been multi-layered fun. I only do one of these shows a month; this month will mark the third episode. I’m not too far into the series, but that’s all right. I’m usually sober during these shows, which leads to some interesting conversations.

Image138I am also a frequent guest on The Not So Evil Episodes Sidecast, where host Mike Maryman and his guests discuss movies that are connected by something, and the more tenuous that something is, the better. Our next podcast will be about four of the plentiful Godzilla films, including the latest American iteration, directed by Gareth Edwards.

I have also been a guest on the Bad-Asses, Boobs and Body Counts Podcast and the Cinema Beef Podcast. The Cinema Beef episode hasn’t been released yet. That may be okay. I was drunk and ranty on that one, and host Gary Hill may have decided to put those files in a barrel of toxic waste and put them where no one will ever find them again.

I’m just about always up for guesting on a podcast, and you have one that deals with movies or music, and you feel the need to have an author who may or may not be sober as a panelist, hit me up. It will be entertaining, if nothing else.


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