Catching up is better than throwing up.

Let’s play a little catch-up. I haven’t posted on WordPress in over a year. It’s been a busy few months. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook, talking to people. Maybe that makes me a WordPress traitor. It’s fun, dammit, and I will continue to do it. But for every person who likes Facebook, there are two who don’t. That’s a lot of people I don’t get to talk to.

I’m a social person, Heathens. I like to talk.
So let’s talk.


Image206Was I writing for Popshifter when we last spoke? I seem to think we were, but in case you’ve just joined us, Popshifter is a fantastic pop culture blog, created and edited by Less Lee Moore. She is gracious enough to let me ramble on about old music on her site, and the articles end up being mostly autobiographical. Music has always been a huge part of my life, though, so it all ties in together fairly well.

I wrote a big (for me) article (it was five pages long in Word) about my undying love for Duran Duran. Not only was it a big hit on Popshifter, but Duran Duran also linked to it on their Facebook page. We were overwhelmed by that, because that in itself is pretty amazing, but today (yes, just today), we found out that my article was featured on Duran Duran’s official website! That’s an honor, and I don’t take it lightly. Thanks to Duran Duran, Katy, and everybody on their team who apparently pays real close attention to their fanbase. Also, a huge thanks to Less Lee Moore for publishing pretty much whatever I send her. That’s a lot of trust.

My step-daughter graduated from high school. So did her boyfriend. This is a big deal. Neither of them particularly like school, and I can’t say that I blame them. Getting them through it, and OUT, was a big deal. They both worked their asses off, and I’m proud as hell of both of them.

Also, this summer, my son is moving in with us. This is a ballsy move on his part. He’s not been away from the town he grew up in for more than a couple of years. It’s hard to leave home, but I think he realizes that Sevier County is a bit of a tourist trap, somewhat of a dead end. And we’re ready to help him explore his potential.

His band made it onto a compilation album, also, which I ask you to buy, not for my sake, but to encourage the creativity of a young man who loves music more than he loves air. Have no fear: there will be links.

I put together all the old “Tales from the Keep,” added a couple more, and released them all as a book called “Black Friday: An Elders Keep Collection.” It has done really well! And I am intensely grateful to all of you who plunked down your money to read my little stories. I hope you liked them. If you haven’t picked up that book, it’s not too late.

Cootie and I have done a little traveling! We went to Vegas, and that was… well, I’m still writing what that was. I didn’t have a “Fear and Loathing” experience, but I’m sure you could work “Loathing” into the equation. You’ll read all about that soon enough.

I’m back in the podcasting game! It’s been a while, and it’s hard to admit how much I’ve missed it. I ran the BGTN Geekfight for a couple years, and that was a blast, but that was a special moment in time. It was there, we had it, and it left. I got cocky during that time. Burned some bridges I shouldn’t have. But I went through some tough shit and I learned from it. I got humbled, and I’m absolutely cool with it.

My new podcast is called The Six and a Half Feet Under Podcast, and I’ve been blessed with some amazing guests. Matt Monagle from Paracinema! Trey Lawson, one of the smartest film guys on the Internet! Robin Coleman from AllHorror! Film director JT Petty! And the guest list keeps on getting bigger and better!

I’ve also become a frequent guest on the Not So Evil Episodes Sidecast, with host Mike Maryman and panelists Doug Tilley and Iris Walters. I’ve also been a guest on the Bad-Asses, Boobs and Body Counts podcast with Mike Murphy and Iris. This weekend, I’m recording an episode of Cinema Beef Podcast with GDubby himself, Gary Hill! Suddenly, I am all over the internet, and I couldn’t be more pleased or more grateful.

So, what’s next?
Well, I’ve got a couple things in the works, one of them coming sooner than you’re probably ready for. But this is the place to find out these things.

Thanks for being one of my Heathens, and for hanging around with me as long as you have, even if you found this blog by accident. I’m just this guy, you know? Just a geek, just some guy slapping words together, hoping to change the world one brutal phrase at a time.

Oh, yeah. You may want to tune in tomorrow for some pretty big news.
Or maybe you don’t. You’re an autonomous human being. Your call.




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