Book books.

Hello, Loyal Fanbase!

I have to admit I was surprised at how many people wrote me and said, “Dude, congratulations on the book and everything, but when are you putting out a real copy?”

I would think, “What do you mean, a real copy? Isn’t this the future now? Print is dead, right? I’ve published electronically! For your electronical book reading devices!”

“Yeah, and that’s fine,” they said, “but we kinda want a book book.”


All you alarmists who worried that libraries would close because of the advent of the Internet can relax now. Apparently, people still want book books.

I understand that. I grew up reading book books.  I am imprinted with the smell of musty pages, the slow decay of words, fingertip writing my initials on dusty sixty-five cent Signet covers. I learned how to poke around in used book stores with my mother, a practice we still engage in whenever we visit her. My wife and I have been known to drive for about an hour to get to a decent used book store, also. It’s not just me, you see.

And it’s not just you.

You should know, then, that “Tarotsphere” is now available as a trade paperback through CreateSpace. It will be available through Amazon in a few days. I’ll post the link to the Amazon purchase point when I get it.

Message received, Loyal Fanbase.

Know also that the Elders Keep Project will be available, at some point, in book book form. It will be electronic first, but then we’ll make it manifest with the world’s oldest alchemy: paper and ink.

I’m with you guys. I love book books. But I also think electronic books (and the devices used to read them on) are cool as shit.

So, fuck it. We’ll do both. I’m easy.

Thanks for your support and the feedback, Loyal Fanbase. It means the everything.



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