Books, Hands and Fans.

Because many of you have asked for it (and you were asking nice), I’m working on getting Tarotscope published in paperback form.

I understand the desire to have something to read in that good old reassuring book form. They feel good.  The flip of a page is comforting.

Cootie, the best BTS Girl in the World, is working on the necessary formatting for a physical copy.  I’ll give you more details as they become available.  But golly, why not give the gift of Tarot hilarity this Saturnalia in book form? It’s the perfect holiday gift (then again, so is cinnamon whiskey and weed; I hear authors enjoy such things, but I would know nothing of that).


I’ve been having a good time interacting with the winners of the Tarotsphere contest! I’ve already done one free reading for Mr. Aleister Hob, an absolutely fascinating gentleman. He was a delight to talk to and I was pleased to be able to read for him.  That’s really what I hoped would be half the fun about doing these readings. I like talking to people. I enjoy meeting folks who have read the book or who are interested in the joy of Tarot. And, let’s be honest. I’ve worked hard to gain credibility and get a fan base. Why the hell wouldn’t I talk to people who have shown even a shade of interest in my career and what I do? I don’t understand authors or other public figures who get angry or reclusive. Other people are always part of being even remotely successful.

Having said that, don’t be an asshole. You be polite, I’ll be polite, and we will be excellent to each other, as the Credo does indeed state, in all of its glory.

Here endeth the lesson.


Hint, hint.


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