Words to learn and sing. And buy. Legally.

Since this is my writer’s blog, where I am to discuss things I write and other things of a literary nature, I figure I should tell those of you who are interested parties where you can purchase my work. I’m a writer, after all, and I would love to be able to discuss my work with you. This means you have to buy a couple books. After all, I already know what I wrote. I can sing them all in my sleep. This disturbs the neighbors.

If you like my movie reviews, the type of which you can find on my website, then you’ll enjoy this collection of horror and sci-fi reviews. I am but one of the writers in this compilation, which is fine by me. Some of the writers in this book are favorites of mine. S0 are some of the movies. Click on the cover for ordering information.

This book is a whole different kind of creature. This anthology is filled with terrible stories of people making bad decisions and garnering the consequences. In some cases, it isn’t even their fault. There are no happy endings to be found, though. This book includes the first piece of fiction I’ve published in over a decade, and it marks my return to the field of “making things up and writing them down.” If you’ve got one of those fancy-dancy Kindle reading machines, you can have the whole thing in a minute for about four dollars. That seems like a bargain to me. Good stories, good writers… bad, bad things happening. Kind of a win-win situation for the horror fan, wouldn’t you agree? Again, clicking the graphic will take you to the Sacred Place of Ordering.

The plate is full, friends. I have a lot of projects moving concurrently right now. Momentum is building. I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on for as long as you want me to do so. I’m pretty vocal. I respond to questions and comments as quickly as I can. I’m also on Twitter all the damned time. Follow me there, if you want. Make sure to say something to me, though: I usually won’t talk unless you say something to me first. I’m a wallflower.


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