Sit. Advice on advice.

One of the most widely spread bits of advice to writers is to write. Write something every day. Pen to paper, fingers to keys, it matters not. Just write something.

I would like to officially call bullshit on that.

You need days, days where nothing happens. Days where the wheels don’t turn and the gears don’t mesh. Days where the magic doesn’t happen and the Muses are on a cruise, somewhere in the clear Aegean Sea. Days to absorb information, days to learn new things and unlearn harmful information.

If you’re lucky, really lucky, these are the days when your subconscious mind will take over. Plotlines will seemingly work themselves out. Snippets of dialogue from unseen, unnamed characters will float into your ears like whispers through a hidden vent. Things will begin to move, and those things will stick in your head. Those things will come out later when you start writing again.

And you will start writing again.

Because if you’re really a writer, you won’t be able to help yourself. You won’t be able to stop yourself from writing.

Even if you don’t do it every single day.


4 thoughts on “Sit. Advice on advice.

  1. I totally agree. All writers need a day job. Something to concentrate on when they’re not concentrating on they’re writing. It’s like hitting homeruns. The more you try, the fewer you hit. The more you relax and don’t push all the time, the better you do.

  2. ❤ I think we should keep Sharpies by the bed and on nights when you have ideas, but are too tired to get up & type them out, you can scrawl them on my body. That will make piecing it together later that much more fun. =D

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