…two years later…

EXTREME CLOSE-UP: A human eye, opening suddenly. The camera pulls back to reveal X, lying down on the ground.


What happened? Am I… am I back… on the Island? Oh gods, no! I can’t take the… where the hell am I?

CUT: A bare foot kicks X in the ribs. A female voice speaks. It is his wife, COOTIE.


Get up, doofus. Help me unpack.

CUT: X, still sleepy, gets up and staggers about the room.


So this is… are we… home?

CUT: Cootie, who smiles and takes a sip of sangria.


Darlin’, home is wherever you are. But if you’re talking about the new apartment, then yes, we’re home.


Are we in New Otherton?

COOTIE approaches X with a box cutter.


Stop it. Now get some boxes empty before I cut you. Ain’t nothin’ to me to cut a bitch.

CUT: X stumbles out onto the balcony, which overlooks a busy Knoxville road.

X (screaming)


End scene.

Roll opening credits.


2 thoughts on “…two years later…

    • Hi, Ali!
      I was just thinking about you! Somehow I missed the news of which website you are currently Night Editor for and I saw your name on their masthead. Congratulations!
      How are you?

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