Regarding the Porch Monkey…

You know, this blog still gets hits on a post I wrote last year called, “Porch Monkey 4 Life.” It’s about how the movie Clerks II totally changed my way of thinking and my life.

You can still read the post on this blog. .

But unfortunately, it seems like most people don’t want to read something inspiring or, in my opinion, well-written (for once). All y’all want the damned shirt.

You know what? I want the shirt. I deserve the shirt. Tell Mr. Smith I wear an XXXL.

But you can’t buy it here.

So… if you got here with the phrase, “porch monkey 4 life shirt,” please click this little linky.

Spring for your own duct tape.

If you want to start getting your life back, read the original post.

Then watch the movie again. Because you need it.


4 thoughts on “Regarding the Porch Monkey…

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