Just a couple of quick notes…

Yep, I changed the template for the blog. You like?

I also feel the need to change the name of the blog, but I can’t really decide what to call it. So I’ll be taking suggestions from the date of this post until the last day of January. Throw me some ideas. Any ideas. I’ll make a decision on it in February.

Also… if I know you and you read this blog, it would please me greatly to add your happy ass to my blogroll. What say we play a little linkie-linkie? I’ll scratch your blog, you scratch mine. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Say no more.


3 thoughts on “Just a couple of quick notes…

  1. I do like! As far as a name change… I’ll have to think on it. Chances are I’ll tell you rather than post it here, hehehe.

  2. As I only have shitty mobile version of WordPress, I do not know of this BlogRoll that you speak.

    Name? We dun need no stinkin name!
    Seriously, I would say to make it something witty, though I know whatever wit I could come up with, you’d trump. Make it obscure enough that people who don’t know u will have to think about it, but those of us that do know you will (as Dropout pointed out) ROR.

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