I am confused.

So… Readers, you must understand that there are times when I will blog about things that I cannot fully discuss. Yes, I live in public, but that doesn’t always help the things that I am trying to accomplish in what’s left of my Private Life.

Also, you must understand that I will spend a lot of time in this blog praising the Love of My Life, Cootiebug. No one has ever supported or understood me the way she does. She has been my rock and my foundation, my open-minded co-coperative one. I have never had anyone be both by my side and at my back simultaneously as she has. Gods, I love her for it. It confuses me. It does. If you had tried to explain “unconditional love” to me before Cootie, I would have stared at you like an American stuck in a dark alley in India, surrounded by members of the Thuggee.

I get it now.

And it still confuses and scares me. I’m waiting for a hammer to fall that I know, intuitively, never will. She is, finally, the Capitalized One.

So I’m confused. But I’m straight.

And I’ll post again tonight.

But my Karma would not be straight if I did not tell the Internets how wonderful my bride to be is. She has centered and grounded me without restricting or degrading me.  She loves me and mine.

And I love her and hers right back.

I am a Blessed Man.


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