Let’s consider this the Permablog.

I struggle with blogging. Don’t get me wrong. I do love to blog. But I have a terrible tendency to start blogs, then get busy and abandon them. Surely, somewhere on the internet, reside four or five orphaned blogs, waiting for new posts that will never come.

So we’re going to consider this the Permablog. This is my final stab at blogging. This is the blog that will, and must, stand if I am to continue blogging in the future. And I do wish to keep blogging.

Maybe more than three people will read it this time. Not that I’m an attention whore or anything. But if I’m going to put myself out there, a little feedback now and then is helpful and inspiring. Participate, people!

I guess this is where I will be for a while. And even though the subject matter may vary wildly from post to post, I can promise you three things.




And sometimes, it could be fun. ย Hang out for a while if you want. Check back once in a while.


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